3001 Jacks Run Rd. (rt. 48) suite 104

White Oak, PA 15131    



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    Absolute Martial Arts is a Martial Arts school located  in White Oak, PA just outside of Pittsburgh.

We offer both an American Freestyle Karate class for Kids And an Adult MMA class.

Our kids class is designed to promote fitness not only through the learning of different martial arts techniques (punches, kicks, etc)...but also to encourage kids to become more focused and disciplined with the use of different drills and games.

Adult Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class consisting of a combination of Karate, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense. This "Freestyle" class puts emphasis on street and self-defense situations as well as Cage or Ring matches. These classes are informal yet with enough structure where you do not feel like your just part of some fight club. People train for different reasons, not everyone wants to be a competitor and we understand that. Whether it be for fitness, conditioning, fun, stress release, self-defense, or to compete, everyone is welcome to train with us.

Please feel free to browse the site, Thanks for visiting! Train hard and have fun!!